SpeedJG Introduction - Output Panel

Output Panel

The Output Panel is implemented as JTabbedPane. If any output is generated by the GUI builder, the corresponding tab will be selected automatically. These tabs are headed as:

  • Console
    Used to record all the comments displayed on the Status Line of the SpeedJG application window.
  • Error
    If any exceptions are thrown while working with the application, the message of this exception is written to the error tab.
  • Warning
    Shows hints if any warnings are detected while generating source code or interpreting the XML meta-data structure.
  • Check
    If you press the Check button, either from the toolbar or from the edit panel, the selected Component (including the sub-components contained) will be presented on the check panel, as you can see in the following example.
    Check Panel
  • Source
    When the source code is generated, it is written on a JTextArea lying on this Source tab. From here you can (via a popup menu) save the code into a .java file or copy the code to the system clipboard, and from there paste it into your .java file. Alternatively you may as well only select a fragment of the code and copy and paste it with your operating system inbuilt functionality.
  • XML
    As with the source code, the XML tab shows the XML formatted structure from where you can copy and paste it into an XML file. Thus you are able to define your GUI as XML meta data and construct it at runtime without having to write any line of code.